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Fresh Off the Boat The Vouch (HD, New, TV-PG) Louis finds himself in a complicated situation when he lies to Jessica and tells her that he loves her horror novel; Eddie and his friends buy a CD carousel.
Dancing with the Stars (HD, New, TV-PG) Three finalists move on to the final phase of the competition; the couples perform two dances; the winner of the 25th season is announced.
Channel 2 Action News Nightbeat (New) The day's major news events and late-breaking stories are presented by the Channel 2 News Team along with the latest weather update and tomorrow's forecast.

Living Single They've Gotta Have It (TV-PG) Regine begins to grow tired of dating vain men and becomes bored of it until Synclaire offers her some advice to attend a dependency seminar.
Jet Li's Fearless (TV-14, PG-13, ***+) In the wake of his family's brutal murder, a martial artist's self-exile leads him to gain more knowledge and wisdom, returning years later to teach.

That '70s Show Red and Stacey (TV-14) Red thinks an employee at Pricemart is a good match for Eric, but upon mentioning the idea she touches his knee and says she's interested in someone else.
Roseanne Homeward Bound (TV-PG) David realizes how much he misses Darlene when she makes a visit; Dan has a man-to-man talk with D.J. about the time he spends behind locked doors.
Roseanne Guilt by Imagination (TV-14) When Dan ends up having lunch with a former girlfriend, he does his best to hide their get-together from her; meanwhile, Roseanne has fantasies about Fabio.
Roseanne Homecoming (TV-PG) Roseanne plots to break up Becky and Mark when it becomes apparent to her that they are having trouble; Dan's high school football teammates reunite.
Roseanne The Driver's Seat (TV-PG) Roseanne worries that she might become as abusive to her children as her parents were to her after she gets angry at D.J. for stealing her car.
That '70s Show The Third Wheel (TV-14) Hyde ruins the guys' night out for bowling by bringing along his friend Jill, causing Kelso and Fez to seek out dates of their own, leaving Eric without anyone.
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